Perler Beads – New Products Coming Soon!

We hope everyone had a¬†Happy Thanksgiving! And a happy thanksgiving it was, especially when we logged on to find new Perler Bead products available for pre-order from our distributors. We’re most excited for these new products, so… let’s get right to it!

  • Perler Beads (1,000 Pkg)
    • Light Grey – That’s right! Back by popular demand… Light Grey is returning soon!
    • Lavender – Thinking this might be a lighter shade than P – Pastel Lavender. If so, it will come in handy!
    • Clear Blue – Ummm…?
    • Metallic Mix
    • Neon Mix
  • Perler Beads (6,000 Pkg) – For those who like to stockpile. :)
    • Dark Green
    • Grey
    • Yellow
    • Dark Blue
    • Batman – Didn’t know Batman was a color. I think this is supposed to be a bucket. ūüėõ
  • Perler Beads Bead Kit (1,500 Color Changing Beads)
    • Pretty sure these are the Perler equivalent of Artkals’ “UV Beads”. They appear clear and change color in sunlight/warmth.
  • Perler Beads (Trial Kit; 225 Beads + 1 Pegboard + Ironing Paper)
    • Green Lantern
    • Justice League
    • Superman
    • Batman
  • Perler Beads Bead Kits
    • Justice League (Deluxe Fused Bead Kit; 4,500 Beads + 2 Pegboards + Ironing Paper + Pattern Sheet)
    • Superman (1,000 Beads + 1 Pegboard + Ironing Paper + Pattern Sheet)
    • Batman (1,000 Beads + 1 Pegboard + Ironing Paper + Pattern Sheet)
  • Perler Beads Bucket Kit¬†(5,500 Beads + 3 Pegboards + Ironing Paper + Pattern Sheet)
    • Mandalas
    • Justice League
  • Perler Mini Beads – Yes, you read that correctly. Perler is finally producing MINI BEADS!!!
    • ¬†Mini Beads (2,000 Pkg): White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Bubblegum, Purple, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Brown, Grey, Black, Light Brown, Tan, Pastel Lavender, Cheddar, Toothpaste, Kiwi Lime
    • Mini Beads Tweezers
    • Mini Beads Pegboard (4 Pkg)
    • Mini Bead Kits: Earring, Sugar Skull, Food
    • Mini Bead Fused Bead Trays (8,000 Beads per Pkg)

The complete list of new products is too long for one post, so we’re only including the highlights for now. Expect the new products to be in stock in April of 2016. Some of these products will be available sooner, however. Stay tuned and remember to keep checking our eBay Store for the latest in Fuse Bead products:

Just a reminder that all 1,000 Pkg and 6,000 Pkg of beads are still on sale on our eBay store until November 30th at 11:59pm as part of our Black Friday Sale.

1,000 Pkg of beads are only $2.79 (USD) – FREE SHIPPING when you order 4 or more
6,000 Pkg of beads are only $12.46 (USD) – FREE Priority SHIPPING

There is NO MINIMUM ORDER REQUIREMENT and NO COUPON CODE REQUIRED for promotional pricing. Simply add to your cart and checkout when ready.¬†Get ’em while they’re hot!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Happy Holidays! :)

Including Artkal in your Perler Bead Palette

Interested in purchasing Artkal Beads, but not sure which colors to get? Let us help!

The following is a short review of beads worth mentioning from the Artkal color selection.

  • S09 – Dark Green: Even darker than S62 – Green Pea. Creating a gradient from lightest to darkest, the order would be: P – Parrot Green, A – Green Pea, A – Dark Green.
  • S20 – Green: Interesting shade of green. Looks very bright in sunlight. Can be used as a shade between P – Bright Green and P – Dark Green.
  • S22 – Purple: Finally, the perfect shade for P – Purple. This is the darkest shade of purple you will find. This is a MUST have.
  • S23 – Royal Purple: A kind of soft purple. Use this one to blend between P – Pastel Lavender and P – Purple.
  • S24 – True Blue: This would be the better shading choice for P – Pastel Blue. Use – Light Blue to blend between the two.
  • S31 – Sea Mist: The perfect highlight for P – Light Green.
  • S33 – Maverick: Veeery light.¬†This would be the highlight for your purples.
  • S38 – Dark Red: Don’t be fooled by the name. This color is more like a dark raspberry. Use this to shade P – Plum.
  • S40 – Carnation Pink: Finally, a pink that isn’t so light. Use this to blend between P – Light Pink and P – Bubblegum.
  • S43 – Grey: Almost forgot about this one! The perfect shade between P – Grey and P – Dark Grey.
  • S44 – Pastel Blue: A “Pastel” shade would normally look a little darker, but this would definitely be the highlight for P – Pastel Blue.
  • S45 – Medium Turquoise: Personal favorite. Goes well between P – Light Green and P – Parrot Green.
  • S48 – Corn: Can be used to blend between P – Yellow and P – Cheddar.
  • S49 – Mulberry Wood: Even darker than S38 – Dark Red. Use this as a shade for P – Raspberry.
  • S54 – Light Blue: Can be used as a shade for P – Turquoise.
  • S55 – Pistachio: Forget about P – Pastel Green. This is the perfect highlight for P – Kiwi Lime.
  • S58 – Paprika: This would be the true dark red. Use this to shade P – Red.
  • S60 – Lavender: Nice pastel shade. Can be used between A – Maverick and P – Pastel Lavender.
  • S62 – Green Pea: This color would be used to shade P – Parrot Green and would be followed by A – Dark Green.
  • S64 – Black Rock: Black as night. The perfect shade for P – Periwinkle Blue. Slightly darker than P – Dark Blue.
  • S66 – Blaze Orange: Blazing with color. This can be used as a shade for P – Orange.
  • S69 – Mine Shaft: Slightly darker than most grays. Use this to blend between P – Dark Gray and P – Black.

See all the Artkal bead colors available in our listings on eBay:

Hopefully, you can use this list as a guide when purchasing Artkal Beads. If you have questions about any of the other Artkal colors or you feel a certain color should be added to the list, feel free to let us know so we may update this post.

Thank you for reading our guide!

Introducing UV Artkal Beads!

Hobby Access - UV Artkal Beads
Time to bring in something new to talk about. Introducing… UV Artkal Beads!

Beads appear clear and change to their designated color in sunlight.

There are currently four colors available in this variation, with the possibility of more colors in the future:

Ultraviolet beads are costly to make, but we are proud to announce we will be selling them at the usual price point of only $2.99 (USD).

Of course, we will continue to offer our current shipping promotions on all our beads, including UV beads-

Free Shipping when you buy 3+

Free Expedited Shipping when you buy 6+

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Remember to check out our online store on eBay:

We look forward to seeing your creativity in action with these new beads!

Thank you, Comikaze

Come visit our booth this weekend! We're at row O12. #ComikazeExpo

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A big thank you to everyone who stopped by our table this weekend. It was truly an amazing experience and we definitely plan on exhibiting a booth next year.

If we exchanged business cards, PLEASE contact us. You guys were by far the coolest people we’ve ever met! It was such an honor to meet you.

If you’re interested in a certain product but you don’t see it on our eBay store, send us a message and we’ll put up the listing.

Also a big thank you to¬†Art By Britania. You’re a great partner and your artwork is amazing! We look forward to buying more of your art.

Once again- Thank you, Comikaze. :)

Hello world!

Our Booth


Welcome to our blog! Here, we’ll be posting many of our fuse-bead creations most commonly known as “bead sprites”. The beads themselves are also for sale, of course. We also carry many of the Pop! Vinyl Figures from Funko. Our selection is always expanding, so keep an eye out!

We’ll be updating the site/blog often with many of our hobby-related products and accessories. Crafting is our passion! Hope you enjoy our artwork. Remember to visit our eBay store at:

More coming soon!