Including Artkal in your Perler Bead Palette

Interested in purchasing Artkal Beads, but not sure which colors to get? Let us help!

The following is a short review of beads worth mentioning from the Artkal color selection.

  • S09 – Dark Green: Even darker than S62 – Green Pea. Creating a gradient from lightest to darkest, the order would be: P – Parrot Green, A – Green Pea, A – Dark Green.
  • S20 – Green: Interesting shade of green. Looks very bright in sunlight. Can be used as a shade between P – Bright Green and P – Dark Green.
  • S22 – Purple: Finally, the perfect shade for P – Purple. This is the darkest shade of purple you will find. This is a MUST have.
  • S23 – Royal Purple: A kind of soft purple. Use this one to blend between P – Pastel Lavender and P – Purple.
  • S24 – True Blue: This would be the better shading choice for P – Pastel Blue. Use – Light Blue to blend between the two.
  • S31 – Sea Mist: The perfect highlight for P – Light Green.
  • S33 – Maverick: Veeery light.┬áThis would be the highlight for your purples.
  • S38 – Dark Red: Don’t be fooled by the name. This color is more like a dark raspberry. Use this to shade P – Plum.
  • S40 – Carnation Pink: Finally, a pink that isn’t so light. Use this to blend between P – Light Pink and P – Bubblegum.
  • S43 – Grey: Almost forgot about this one! The perfect shade between P – Grey and P – Dark Grey.
  • S44 – Pastel Blue: A “Pastel” shade would normally look a little darker, but this would definitely be the highlight for P – Pastel Blue.
  • S45 – Medium Turquoise: Personal favorite. Goes well between P – Light Green and P – Parrot Green.
  • S48 – Corn: Can be used to blend between P – Yellow and P – Cheddar.
  • S49 – Mulberry Wood: Even darker than S38 – Dark Red. Use this as a shade for P – Raspberry.
  • S54 – Light Blue: Can be used as a shade for P – Turquoise.
  • S55 – Pistachio: Forget about P – Pastel Green. This is the perfect highlight for P – Kiwi Lime.
  • S58 – Paprika: This would be the true dark red. Use this to shade P – Red.
  • S60 – Lavender: Nice pastel shade. Can be used between A – Maverick and P – Pastel Lavender.
  • S62 – Green Pea: This color would be used to shade P – Parrot Green and would be followed by A – Dark Green.
  • S64 – Black Rock: Black as night. The perfect shade for P – Periwinkle Blue. Slightly darker than P – Dark Blue.
  • S66 – Blaze Orange: Blazing with color. This can be used as a shade for P – Orange.
  • S69 – Mine Shaft: Slightly darker than most grays. Use this to blend between P – Dark Gray and P – Black.

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Hopefully, you can use this list as a guide when purchasing Artkal Beads. If you have questions about any of the other Artkal colors or you feel a certain color should be added to the list, feel free to let us know so we may update this post.

Thank you for reading our guide!

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