Introducing UV Artkal Beads!

Hobby Access - UV Artkal Beads
Time to bring in something new to talk about. Introducing… UV Artkal Beads!

Beads appear clear and change to their designated color in sunlight.

There are currently four colors available in this variation, with the possibility of more colors in the future:

Ultraviolet beads are costly to make, but we are proud to announce we will be selling them at the usual price point of only $2.99 (USD).

Of course, we will continue to offer our current shipping promotions on all our beads, including UV beads-

Free Shipping when you buy 3+

Free Expedited Shipping when you buy 6+

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Remember to check out our online store on eBay:

We look forward to seeing your creativity in action with these new beads!

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